Attention WGHS - tomorrow 9.16.2020 will be our first ever Remote Wednesday! Be sure to follow the Remote Wednesday schedule!
4 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Hey WGHS!! Tomorrow we will continue our Week #2 schedule. We will follow the C2/Tuesday schedule!!
5 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Hey WGHS! Tomorrow we will begin our Week #2 schedule. The first block class will be period 1D. We are looking forward to our first full week of learning!
7 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Attention Parents and Students! If you are looking for school supplies lists on our new web page they can be found at the following links: High School- Elementary School- They can also be found in the Menu for each Schools web page.
13 days ago, Melanie Chandler
School Supplies
Attention BOCES students - If you would like to drive on your off-site days, stop into the main office to register your vehicle. Once registered with WGHS, you will be placed on list, allowing your to drive to BOCES. The office open between the hours of 7:30-3:30 Monday-Friday. The Main Office will be closed on Labor Day.
16 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Hey WGHS! Click here ( for an explanation of our Hybrid schedule. It may cause some confusion but be on the look out for a "how to" video coming soon! We are excited to have you back!
18 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Hey WGHS! Make sure you are using your school email account. Your teachers will be getting ahold of you using that account, and it is the best way to get ahold of your teachers if you need anything.
18 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Hey 7th Graders!! If you are interested in touring the building on Friday evening call the main office at 535-3210 to register for a tour. We will have two tours. The first at 5PM, and the second at 5:30PM. If you feel sick, please stay home. All tour participants must wear a mask at all times. Thank you for your cooperation!
18 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Thank you for everyone who came out for computer pick up. If you still need to get your device, stop in on Saturday between 8AM and 12NOON.
18 days ago, Kai D'Alleva
Hello WGHS community - schedules and a letter from Mr. D'Alleva will be coming home soon. If you see an error in your schedule do not panic. Email your counselor and we will help ASAP!
18 days ago, Kai D'Alleva