Good Morning WGCSD School Community,

We hope you have had a great opening to the 22-23 school year! We are so happy to have our students back on campus! 

Here is a quick update on some exciting happenings in our District that are directly related to this weekend’s local festivities! 

As you may know, today is the annual Grand Prix Festival in Watkins Glen where there is a reenactment of the grand prix races that are part of our community’s history. 

A new element of this great event showcases the work of regional high school students. In tonight’s parade you will see three Shelby Cobra replicas that were built by students in Waverly, Candor, and Owego. These cars were built as part of the Winner’s Circle Project. This program helps schools to embed project-based learning into the exciting world of car racing. 

Our District feels that this is an exciting opportunity for students and after much planning, preparation, and Board of Education support, we want to join the learning fun! We are pleased to announce that the Watkins Glen Central School District has partnered with the Winner’s Circle Project to bring this experience to our students! With that said, throughout the 22-23 school year, our students will build a Shelby Cobra replica, and we plan to participate in next year’s Grand Prix Festival. 

We are very excited for this opportunity and have aligned our high school coursework to support the growth of this program. Stay tuned for updates and details and get ready to watch the Senecas in action on the vintage course in the Fall of 2023! 

For more details and specific information about the Winner's Circle Project's participation in weekend's events, click here!