Happy Holidays WG!!  

I hope you had a wonderful week! 

I want to say thank you to our entire school community for your continued support and cooperation as we head into Winter Recess. This school year has proven to be a challenge. However, we are proud of the work we have done thus far, and we are excited for what is to come in the new year! Despite the challenges, our teachers and staff are doing excellent work, and our students are growing!  

I also want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!  

Reminder about in-person learning:  

I want to remind everyone that significant resources are being provided to schools and counties to keep in-person learning in place. We are going to do our absolute best to keep our students in school. In-person learning is supported by our District, County, and State.  

With that being said, the District will only move to remote instruction under the following conditions:  

  1. Schuyler County Public Health advises us to do so; or  
  2. District does not have adequate staff to provide a safe learning environment in our buildings  

If there is ever a need to shift to remote instruction, our students and staff will be prepared.  

 COVID-19 Updates:  

Now that the District has moved over 100 total cases since the beginning of the school year, I will not be sending out a weekly report on transmission data. However, the NYS (New York State) COVID School Report Card system is now working, and it is updated daily. The link to it can be found here https://schoolcovidreportcard..... Click on “Public Schools,” type in “Watkins Glen,” and a list will drop down for you to select both building specific and district level data.  

Update on Test to Stay: 

The CDC, Schuyler County Public Health, and the district, support and endorse the Test to Stay (TTS) program. Our District will begin implementing the TTS Program upon return from Winter Recess on January 5, 2022. Please know that there will be bumps in the road as we roll out this program. Like most things related to this pandemic, the TTS program is new and complex. However, we will do our best to smooth out the wrinkles as soon as possible. We ask that you are patient with us as we work out the details. More specifics on the program will be communicated out as we get closer to January 5th. 

Specifically, to our school families, be sure to check the email that I sent to you last night regarding test kits.  

Again, have a great break and a happy and healthy New Year You deserve it! 

Go Senecas! 

Kai D’Alleva 

Superintendent of Schools