Good Evening WGCSD Families and Caregivers!

 I hope you had a great week! Below are a few updates for you:

 Returning to School when Symptomatic:

 As of Monday, 12.13.2021, Antigen (rapid) tests may be used to clear symptomatic students and staff for return to school.

 Our existing procedures for symptomatic individuals remain in place:

  • If symptomatic, student/staff will go home
  • Once symptom free, student/staff can return to school with a negative PCR or Antigen test
  • The test must be administered by the School Nurse or Health Care Provider (HCP)
  • The District will NOT accept at home tests unless it is administered in the presence of the School Nurse or HCP
  • Student/staff member must be symptom free to test to return to school with an Antigen test
  • Individuals that test positive are subject to all regulation set forth by SCPH

 This is NOT the test-to-stay program that has been in the local news lately. The Test to Stay program is for students who have been determined to be “close contacts”. The District is working closely with Schuyler County Public Health and we are hopeful that we can implement this program soon. Once the program is ready, we will communicate the details.

 Now that the District has moved over 100 total cases since the beginning of the school, I will not be sending out a weekly report on transmission data. However, the NYS COVID School Report Card system is now working, and it is updated daily.  The link to it can be found here https://schoolcovidreportcard.health.ny.gov. Click on “Public Schools”, type in “Watkins Glen”, and a list will drop down for you to select both building specific and district level data. 

 Updates from the IT Department:

 We have implemented a restriction on student computers to limit the web browsers that are being used. This was as a result of the implementation of our classroom monitoring software, Go Guardian. If your student attempts to open Chrome on their computer, they will receive a message that says that the application is blocked and to please contact their system administrator. Chrome will be removed from the computer as the Go Guardian policies are processed. If you have any questions, please contact the student help desk at studenthelpdesk@wgcsd.org or 607-535-3203. 


As always, thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

 Have a great weekend!

 Go Senecas!

 Kai D’Alleva

Superintendent of Schools