Full Remote Instruction Notification

Parent/Guardians:  We were notified of two COVID-19 positive cases in school - one staff member in the Elementary School and one student in the High School.  Through contact tracing by the Schuyler County Public Health Office, 11 additional staff members have been identified for quarantine this week.

To provide the safest possible environment, we will need to move to a remote instruction model for this entire week.  All instruction will be provided to students at home this week.  We are scheduled to return to on-site instruction on Monday, November 9th.  

I am sorry for any disruption this causes to families.  More information will be shared by your child's teachers or school principal.  Thank you - Greg Kelahan

Additional Information on School Lunches

Families already signed up for free lunches and home deliveries, will receive their 5 days worth of meals as usual on Wednesday, November 4th. However, families in the blue (Monday & Tuesday) cohort can receive two days worth of meals this week, Monday afternoon (11/1). This would be to make up for the meals students would have had this week at school.  Please call Rob Cole at 607-535-3214 before 9:00 AM Monday, November 1st, in order to have two days worth of meals sent your home on November 1st.  For students in the Maroon (Thursday & Friday) Cohort, please call before the end of the day Tuesday, in order to have those meals added to the Wednesday delivery.  

If you want to be added to the permanent home meal delivery system, in order to receive school meals when your child is not in school, please still use the web link to the virtual meal sign up at  https://watkinsglencafeteria.gstboces.org