Good Morning WGCSD, School Community,

As we have referenced several times over the last few months, the Watkins Glen Central School District has partnered with the University of Rochester Warner School of Education to develop the district’s next Strategic Plan.  The changing landscape of education, evolving needs of students, and the need to identify and clarify the most important work are what make this work necessary.  The Watkins Glen Central School District recognizes the strong partnership between the school and community.  Our new Strategic Plan will meet the needs and interests of the students and school community as we look forward to upcoming years.

Plan development began in Spring and through the beginning of this school year with the University of Rochester Strategic Planning Team collecting data related to the district, conducting interviews with individuals and small groups, facilitating focus group sessions with district stakeholders, and administering a school community survey.

A Watkins Glen Central School District Planning Council was developed to work with the University of Rochester’s Strategic Planning Team to begin the process of developing the district’s Plan.  The Planning Council consists of representative stakeholders, including district administration, school administration, Board of Education, faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members from the Watkins Glen Central School District.

The Planning Council met on October 17, 2023 to begin the process of working with the University Team to assess the district’s current state, identify needs, shape priorities, and create goals to provide focus for the district’s work.  Council members spent the day assessing the current state of the district by reviewing, analyzing, and identifying strengths and weaknesses related to the overall education program.  The Council members also reviewed the data compared to similar and benchmark school districts.

The Watkins Glen Central School District Planning Council Team will meet again on October 25, 2023 to continue the Strategic Plan development process.  The Planning Council Team will work through November to complete a plan that aligns with the district’s mission, vision, and core beliefs, with goals that are measurable and attainable.  Annual goals will be established, with articulated steps to support achievement and success.

WGCSD would like to thank everyone that participated in the data gathering phase, and we would like to thank all members of the Planning Council who have and will be dedicating time to this important process.

Updates will continue to be provided to the school community throughout the process.

SOAR Lake Hawks!!