On Friday, March 17th we plan on holding our annual spud run/walk starting on the outdoor track at 3:17 PM. This is a fun St. Patrick's Day tradition originally started in the High School for the athletic teams. It has grown over the years to include the elementary school students and many of our staff members also participate. Food and prizes have been offered with the support of the Booster club and Varsity club. It is a fun event for the students and adults to dress up in their best St. Partick's day attire, get outside and have fun. Students can run the 1.7 mile loop as an individual or as a team. To be counted as a team, there needs to be at least 5 finishers. Places are counted and the team with the lowest score wins all the cabbage (literally). We also offer prizes by age group and for those who place in the lucky number positions (7th, 13th & 17th). We will have bib numbers for our participants this year to speed up the results process, so please check in early after school in order to fill out your bib information card and attach to your shirt. If we are lucky and the weather permits, it will be a simple out and back on the CVT (Catherine Valley Trail) from the track.  Otherwise, modifications may occur to our course. Come and join the fun!