Pool Information

Welcome to the Watkins Glen Central School pool website.


General Information

There will be no public swim when school is not in session (ie; vacations, holidays, school closings/cancellations).

School district functions may override public swim sessions at any time.

Certified, district trained and approved, lifeguards are on duty whenever the pool is in use.



Hours/dates are subject to change in order to ensure availability for district and student centered activities. Every attempt will be made to minimize changes to the public swimming schedule.

The pool will be closed on school holidays and on days that school is closed, delayed, or let out due to inclement weather (or weather advisories are issued in our school district area). Student lifeguards work the swimming pool area and their safety is a priority. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for the community.


*Changes will be posted on our webpage and on the field house door as early as possible.

The pool is used for a unique K-12 instructional program, interscholastic athletics, community swim programs, adult education courses offered by BOCES, and the community. The community use of the facility includes, but is not limited to, swimming for fitness, medical rehabilitation, and family swim nights. The district is pleased to offer Watkins Glen students and community members the opportunity to be involved in an activity that fosters lifetime health and fitness.


Public Swimming at Watkins Glen Pool

All pool facilities are currently closed. 



Swim Lessons

The Watkins Glen Central School District has partnered with the American Red Cross since the first swimming pool was built in the late 60’s and offers summer swim lessons in addition to annual UPK-12 grade swimming lessons and advanced aquatic-related units.

The American Red Cross program uses logical progression- covering knowledge and skills needed for aquatic skill development beginning with Parent and Child Aquatics, Preschool Aquatics and Learn-to-Swim and Adult Swim courses.


The American Red Cross Swim Lessons Achievement Booklet provides participants and their parents with a list of skills and exit skill assessments in multiple and progressive panel tracks with the Preschool Aquatics and Learn-to-Swim levels. 


Progress Reports

In addition to referencing the Achievement Booklet, an abbreviated Progress Report will be provided to each participant detailing the date, location, enrolled level, name of instructor and progress:

o   Incomplete  (comments on what skills still need work)

o   Successful Completion (instructor’s acknowledgement of readiness to enroll in the next level with signature and date)




If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the District Office at 535-3219