Parent News

Sports sign ups will be done differently this year. We are moving to a paperless system call FinalForms.


We will continue using the program called Schedule Galaxy, now known as "AKTIVATE Scheduling", where spectators can receive communication on all team schedules and locations of events for interscholastic athletics. Please notice the Link under the Quick Links section. 


Please consider joining the Sports Boosters Club. Meetings are typically once a month in the fieldhouse area. Your support helps our kids with all sorts of athletic needs. Please see the Sports Booster link for updated contacts and meeting times.


TBA:  Whenever this is listed on a sports schedule it may mean that the team "might be" attending the contest based upon their season ending record/qualifications.  These dates are put on the website for planning purposes only.  Once the TBA is removed, then that particular team has qualified for the competition.


We are currently seeking assistance in the following areas:  Announcers, Chaperones, Timers, Scorers, Chain Gang members, and Ticket Takers for Varsity Club Tournaments.  If you are interested in helping with the Watkins Glen Sports Programs please contact Athletic Department Secretary, Jackie Honsberger at 607-535-3280 or