Injury Assessment

Meet our Schuyler Hospital PT Team

PT Staff

Schuyler Hospital PT is offering free assessments on Wednesdays from 3-4:30 PM, out of the Field House training room located in the South corner of the Gym. Parent(s) or Guardian(s) will need to have a signed consent form on file in order for your child to be seen. The form can be found on this page in the quick links (located on the left) or they can be picked up in the High School nurses office. All completed forms should be returned to the HS nurse as soon as possible. To be proactive you are more than welcome to sign a form and send it in prior to any injury which would expedite any future needs for PT services.  

We welcoming:

Ryan Faker (PT, MSPT)

Carrie Youmans (PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS)

Katie Ray (PT, DPT, OCS)

Contact number: (607) 535-8616 (ask for Katie or Ryan)



To help fill the gap of a trainer, our local PT office has offered to help our students and coaches with injury prevention clinics and evaluation services on an on-call basis. Information on Schuyler Hospital PT services are listed above. Our school nurse is available during school hours when school is in session to help direct students and their families for further evaluation.

The Nurses Office is located in the high school. Janice Standish is the school Registered Nurse. She can be reached at 607-535-3212


 Please notice links to the Concussion Policy and other important safety documents to the left in the Quick Links section.