District Staff

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Central Office Staff:
Superintendent Mr. Tom Phillips 607-535-3219
High School Principal Mr. Dave Warren 607-535-3210
Middle School Principal Mr. Kai D'Alleva 607-535-3230
Elementary School Principal Mrs. Kristine Somerville 607-535-3250
Athletic Director/District Data Coordinator Mr. Rodney Weeden 607-535-3280

Supervisory Staff:
Chairperson CSE/Special Projects Mrs. Nan Woodworth-Shaw 607-535-3254
Food Services Manager Ms. Gigi Fusco 607-535-3214
Superintendent - Buildings/Grounds Mr. Jerry Harriger 607-535-3271
Terminal Mgr. - Transportation Ms. Michelle Clark 607-535-3270

Central Office Staff:
Clerk of the Board Mrs. Marie Keefer 607-535-3220
District Treasurer Mrs. Gayle Sedlack 607-535-3219
Deputy Treasurer Mrs. Rosanne Doane 607-535-3219
Account Clerk/Keyboard Spec. Mrs. Robin Wojcinski 607-535-3219
Claims Auditor Mrs. Sharon Clark 607-535-3219

Additional Staff:
School Physician Dr. Jamie Coleman 607-535-3212
School Attorney Hogan & Sarzynski LLP
Extra Classroom/Activities Treasurer Mrs. Robin Wojcinski 607-535-3219
Attendance Officer - HS Mrs. Diane Johnson 607-535-3210
Attendance Officer - MS Mrs. Marilyn Cross 607-535-3230
Attendance Officer - ES Mrs. Lindsey Starr 607-535-3250
Fiscal Agent Mr. David E. Allardice 607-535-3220
Tax Collector Mrs. Robin Wojcinski 607-535-3219
Pool Facilities Director Mrs. Cyndy Wood 607-535-3217
Records Management Officer Mrs. Gayle Sedlack 607-535-3219
AHERA/Right to Know Officer   607-535-3271
Preschool Education Program Advisory Committee Chairperson Mrs. Nan Woodworth-Shaw 607-535-3254
Hearing Officer--Equality and Title IX Mr. Tom Phillips 607-535-3220
Director of Technology Ms. Melanie Chandler 607-882-9826

Guidance Counselors:
Grade  10-12
Grades 6-9
Mrs. Michelle Simiele 607-535-3221
Grades K-5 Ms. Alyssa Hoobler 607-535-3250

Secretarial Staff:
Superintendent’s Secretary Mrs. Marie Keefer 607-535-3220
High School Secretary Mrs. Kathy Crans 607-535-3210
Middle School Secretary Mrs. Marilyn Cross 607-535-3230
Elementary School Secretary Mrs. Jackie Snyder 607-535-3250
High School Guidance Mrs. Tracie McIlroy 607-535-3221
Middle School Guidance Ms. Debbie Hepler 607-535-3234
Elementary School Guidance Mrs. Elaine Elsik 607-535-3250
Special Services Office Mrs. Gail Butler 607-535-3254

Elementary School Ms. Linda Brown 607-535-3250
Elementary School Ms. Mary Scotchmer 607-535-3250
High School Ms. Robin Bingham 607-535-3210
Maintenance  Mrs. Diana Crane 607-535-1402

Health Offices:
High School Mrs. Christy Williams 607-535-3212
Middle School Mrs. Janice Standish 607-535-3232
Elementary School 607-535-3252
Voice mail available 24 hours/day.

Watkins Glen Faculty Association Officers
President  Kate Bartholomew
Vice President  Liam O'Kane
Treasurer  Diane Wood
Secretary Angela Weeden
Grievance Chairperson                          Sandy Bartone
NYS Teacher's Retirement Delegate           Alan Gregory
RA Delegate

Kate Bartholomew



Building Representatives:
High School

Marie Fitzsimmons and

Jeanette Lasko

Middle School

Jan Bubb and

Scott Morse

Elementary School

Vickie Everett and

Rachelle Clark

High School Travis Durfee
Middle School Greg Grodem
Elementary School Fiona Gibson (Chief Negotiator)
Teaching Assistants & Nurses Kathy Estes