District Staff

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Central Office Staff:
Superintendent Mr. Tom Phillips 607-535-3220
High School Principal Mr. Kai D'Alleva 607-535-3210
Elementary School Principal Mrs. Kristine Somerville 607-535-3250
District Data Coordinator/Athletic Administrator Mr. Rodney Weeden 607-535-3280

Supervisory Staff:
Chairperson CSE/Special Projects Mrs. Nan Woodworth-Shaw 607-535-3254
Food Services Manager Ms. Gigi Fusco 607-535-3214
Superintendent - Buildings/Grounds Mr. Gerald Harriger 607-535-3271
Transportation Director Ms. Michelle Clark 607-535-3270

Central Office Staff:
Clerk of the Board Mrs. Marie Keefer 607-535-3220
District Treasurer Mrs. Gayle Sedlack 607-535-3219
Deputy Treasurer Mrs. Rosanne Doane 607-535-3219
Account Clerk/Keyboard Spec. Mrs. Robin Wojcinski 607-535-3219
Claims Auditor Mrs. Sharon Clark 607-535-3219

Additional Staff:
School Physician Dr. Jamie Coleman 607-535-3212
School Attorney Hogan & Sarzynski LLP
Extra Classroom/Activities Treasurer Mrs. Diana Crane 607-535-3271
Attendance Officer - HS    
Attendance Officer - ES    
Fiscal Agent Mr. David E. Allardice 607-535-3220
Tax Collector Mrs. Robin Wojcinski 607-535-3219
Pool Facilities Director Mrs. Cyndy Wood 607-535-3217
Records Management Officer Mrs. Gayle Sedlack 607-535-3219
AHERA/Right to Know Officer Mr. Gerald Harriger 607-535-3271
Preschool Education Program Advisory Committee Chairperson Mrs. Nan Woodworth-Shaw 607-535-3254
Hearing Officer--Equality and Title IX Mr. Rod Weeden 607-535-3280
Director of Technology Ms. Melanie Chandler 607-882-9826

Guidance Counselors:
Grades  8, 10, 12
Grades 7, 9, 11
Mrs. Michelle Simiele 607-535-3221
Grades UPK - 6 Ms. Alyssa Hoobler 607-535-3250

Secretarial Staff:
Superintendent’s Secretary Mrs. Marie Keefer 607-535-3220
High School Principal Secretary Mrs. Marilyn Cross 607-535-3210
High School Building Secretary Mrs. Kathy Crans 607-535-3210
Elementary School Secretary Mrs. Jackie Snyder 607-535-3250
High School - Student Services Ms. Deb Hepler 607-535-3221
Elementary School Guidance Mrs. Elaine Elsik 607-535-3250
Special Services Mrs. Gail Butler 607-535-3254
Instruction & Data Coordinator Secretary Mrs. Terri Myers 607-535-3254
Operations & Maintenance Secretary Mrs. Diana Crane 607-535-3271
Athletic Director's Secretary Mrs. Tracie McIlroy 607-535-3210

Elementary School Ms. Linda Brown 607-535-3250
Elementary School Ms. Mary Scotchmer 607-535-3250
High School - Student Services Ms. Robin Bingham 607-535-3210
Transportation Clerk Ms. Magen Kingsley 607-535-3270

Health Offices:
High School Mrs. Janice Standish, RN 607-535-3212
Elementary School 607-535-3252
Voice mail available 24 hours/day.